Who We Are

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Every Experience Matters

Nestled in the bosom of the Metropolitan itself, Talo Urban is a modern city hotel that truly sets itself apart, thanks to our penchant to offer a grand twist to the traditional hoteliering tale. At Talo Urban, we interlace contemporary charm with economic grace, rooms that epitomize comfort, staff who will ensure your stay is perfect in every way, from state of the art amenities to sumptuous cuisine, to experiencing the City of Colombo in all its grandeur. 

At Talo Urban, your every wish is our delight… with the singular exception that we aspire to exceed expectations by blending sheer elegance with total convenience, while vibrantly adding an extra touch of panache, to carve memories that will stay with you a lifetime. You will certainly be beguiled to step back into our wondrous world and relive the Talo Urban experience again.

That’s right, we are that good.

However, it’s fair to point out that it isn’t about what we think. Not really… it’s all about what you feel and experience. After all, it’s our experiences that inspire us to embrace life and espouse the unforgettable.